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Top 10 Most Expensive Schools in Australia and Their Fees

It is said that if you think education is expensive, then try ignorance!

In Australia, some of the well-off have taken this to an even higher level of seriousness, enrolling their children in the most expensive learning institutions in a bid to mould holistic and all-round individuals out of them.

Below is a comprehensive list of the 10 most expensive schools to attend in Australia.

10. Brisbane Grammar School – AU$24,280

Originally intended to be named Alfred Grammar after the Duke of Edinburgh, Brisbane Grammar was started in 1869 with only 40 students, making it the oldest school in this list. Some of Brisbane Grammar’s notable alumni include Justice Ian Callinan, Thomas Joseph Byrnes and Tom Strachan.

This school ensures that teaching covers all dimensions of learning in a bid to mould the boys into all-round individuals, ready to make society better. It also accepts enrolment of overseas students and also has quite a number of scholarships for its students.

Its school fees average to AU$24,280 and being in Queensland, the students are offered enough exposure to learning activities and opportunities.


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