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REVEALED !! 7 Richest Rappers in the United States

Hip-hop artists have been known to live the life of luxury due to their outrageous fortunate as a result of their talent. Most of hip-hop’s wealthiest artists are the same seven that always seem to populate the list. However, in recent years, some of the usual suspects have dropped off of the list due to bad investments and other poor choices with their fortune.

This has allowed talented newcomers to break onto the list and be considered one of the seven richest rappers in the world. Many of the rappers on this list have expanded their portfolio beyond rap and into endorsements, alcoholic products, clothes and accessories.

The following a comprehensive list of the seven richest rappers in the game today:

7.  Drake – $60 million

New to the list is Drake who surpassed 50 cent after he went bankrupt due to a bad and costly investment. This Toronto-based rapper is currently valued at around $60 million which is rapidly growing. He is following is Lil Wayne’s steps with frantic releases and touring around the world.

Expect big things from this star in the future with new endorsements such as his unreleased whiskey, Virginia Black, as well as streaming his new album on Apple Music his first week. Drake is also involved in Nike, Sprite and the Toronto Raptors.


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