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5 SA Celebs Who Have Been Accused Of Women Abuse

5 South Africans Celebrities Who Have Been Accused Of Women Abuse In 2017. It is sad to note that a country as developed as ours is rated among the most hit by domestic violence. Women across the country live in fear as they are either, raped, beaten or worse, killed daily.

Even the most prominent men in the society like celebrities are among abusers.

Check out the following celebrities who have had their day in court after being accused of women abuse.

Arthur Mafokate

Assault charges have been laid against businessman and musician Arthur Mafokate. He faces charges for allegedly abusing his ex-girlfriend and musician, Busisiwe Twala known as Cici. The incident Mafokate is accused of took place in June and allegedly caused Thwala to undergo a pelvic replacement operation. Read More : Top 10 Richest Celebrities in South Africa and Their Net Worth

Cici opened the case against him in June, claiming he dragged her through the streets with his car.


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